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Run reallocate on snapmirror destionation volumes.....



I am still rather new to Netapp so I hope someone can confirm my approach.


We plan to add 16 disks to an existing aggregate.  To avoid hot spots on the new disks, we plan to run reallocate.


However the volumes are snapmirror destinations so the way I understand it the correct sequence is as follows.


1.) break the mirror

2.) run reallocate against the volume

3.) then resync the mirror


Should we do one volume at a time or can we do all the volumes at once?


Do we need to run reallocate against the aggregate after we reallocate all the volumes?


Please let me know if my approach is reasonable.






if that aggregate is dedicated to snapmirror destinations, I wouldn't run any reallocation for the following reasons:


 - adding 16 disks will give you good initial layout

 - if you are not using clones on the snapmirror destinations then almost all the load is writes. (you use reallocation to achieve good sequential reads)

 - the system will improve the layout over time even without intervention