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FAS8020 to AFF-A220 Migration


I have experience with other storage systems but am new to Netapp. I am tasked with configuring and migrating data from our existing FAS-8020 with Ontap 9.1p6 to our new AFF-A220 upgraded to Ontap 9.8p6. I have the base config for the new Netapp so that it is operational in the sense of being accessible and aggs have been created. Are there tools to migrate configs and data? The only documentation I am finding is various methods to copy data. I need to migrate user accounts, rules, volumes, shares and data. Support responded for data copying and suggested our VAR (assume professional services).


If there is no actual tool, is there a method to dump the configs for the old system to a file?



The easiest way move all that and as well is to create a 4 node cluster with your 8020 and your new A220 (note: cluster switches required).   When that happens the Cluster as it is now, will live on the two new nodes as well as the old.   You can non-disruptively move everything over to the two new nodes and disconnect the old ones.    This is the most common way I have upgraded to a new controller for customers. 

You want "Upgrading controller hardware by moving volumes" 



Outside of that...   you can use SVMDR to migrate your SVMs over to the new box,  but that does not help with anything at the cluster level.   https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.pow-dap%2FGUID-B9E36563-1C7A-48F5-A9FF-1578B99AADA9.html