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Filer configuration backup

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Is there a way to dump a complete filer configuration into a backup script?

Let's say a single filer is completely destroyed by a disaster and no mirrored backup site around but the pure data was still available otherwise, like on tape.

So a new Filer is organized and the script would be used to recreate all volumes, qtrees, luns, igroups, IPs, protocol settings and so on automatically within a few minutes.

You'd only have to copy all date backup to the correct places.


TIA for any ideas



Re: Filer configuration backup

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the easiest is to dump the configuration to a file and you can restore it, if necessary. You can use the -v option, to backup and restore the volume information also.

config dump -v

config restore -v



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Re: Filer configuration backup

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You can access the Netapp OnCommand Console (OnCommand Core/ Unified Manager) easily by opening your browser and typing http(s)://nameofdfm:8080. This should bring up your login to the OnCommand Console.

From the Dashboard screen, click on Administration at the very top of the screen. Select Storage System Configuration.

This will open up a screen entitled Operations Manager. It should place you right on the first tab which is Control Center. You will see Storage Systems Configurations.

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