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Hard limit Quota not working


I created a 15TB vol and I have 2 NFS shares which I set a 3TB hard limit.  Security style is mixed, Permissions are set to everyone and BuiltIn\Users to full control.  When I mount the volume in either Windows or Unix the volume shows the full capcity and not the 3TB  hard limit.


I ran the following commands:

quota status - quotas are on for the volume

quota report - which didn't report anything for the volume that I applied the quota

quota report <path> - which returned (no quota for the file <path>)


I haven't tried turning the quota off and back on.  I'm not sure if that will fix the problem but I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions.




Re: Hard limit Quota not working


FYI, aside from the quota, you should not use mixed as it's a PITA.


Paste your quota file

Re: Hard limit Quota not working

And cifs shares output indicating shares in question.

Re: Hard limit Quota not working


Try using quota modify -vserver <vserver name> -volume <volumename> -state resize

The '-state resize' option lets the addition of a quota rule (or changes in existing rules) take effect on a volume

Refer https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1013248

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