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SnapMirror- Increase Destination Vol

I'm also trying to perform the similar task, the only difference is currently my destination vol is smal in size as compared with the source vol, due to which the SM relationship between them has paused. I cannot abort the transfer as it says need to ckear the checkpoint which can be done using -h in abort cmd however I won't be able to start the transfer again as if now the destination vol is under restricted state so not sure what should I do next, can anyone suggest the best way of increasing the destination vol?




Re: SnapMirror- Increase Destination Vol

Check if this is helpful.


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Re: SnapMirror- Increase Destination Vol

As I said that volume is in ristricted state and over a checkpoint state, so given link describes the same method of breaking relationship and remove teh fixed vol size than increase. However, I have stoped the relationship, broke it and increased teh volume size which cost me a check point mismatch and re-instalization.  

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