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Hot replacing of ESH4 ?


Hello guys,

I have two filers with the following configuration:
Data ONTAP Release 7.3.3:
System Storage Configuration: Multi-Path HA
System ACP Connectivity: Full Connectivity


Both filers report the following  error:


ses.status.temperatureWarning:warning]: DS14-Mk4-FC shelf 5 on channel 2a temperature warning for Temperature sensor 3: not installed or failed.
Current temperature: <N/A> C (<N/A> F). This module is on the rear side of the shelf, at the bottom center, on shelf module B


monitor.shelf.fault:CRITICAL]: Fault reported on disk storage shelf attached to channel 2a. Please check fans, power supplies, disks, and temperature sensors.


monitor.globalStatus.critical:CRITICAL]: Disk shelf fault.


Actually I need to replace the shelf module B.


1/ Normally as I have a multipath HA config it can be done without disruption. (is it true?)

2/ According to doc, I should disable adapter 2a remove ESH module B , replace it and enable adapter ( is it ok)

3/ If I have to disable the adapter 2a on which filer should it be done, how can be sure on which ctrl should I run the command to disable adapter?