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How can I tell the latency or if any bottleneck on VLAN for intercluster LIF's?



From OCUM, I can only see the throughput on each LIF's for intercluster on node node, Latency and IOPS cannot be showed. 

What will be the ways to figure out if I have latency issues on the VLAN for intercluster LIF's? 






latency measured on a protocol level from time of request to response.

a bad interface or attached infrastructure can cause latency. but it's not measured against.

i can't re-call snapmirror itself measure latency during transfer. maybe it's avail in some diag command on given moment.



you can test with ping on specific interface and see if you get odd results

network ping -vserver <Cluster name> -lif <lif> -destination <dst filer LIF> -show-detail -packet-size 1300

and in ONTAP 9 you can simulate transfer between nodes and get perf information with "network test-path"



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