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How can we expand a subnet?


We need to expand our subnet from a /24 to a /23.

If I try to change the netmask on a LIF, I get an error about the netmask not matching the subnet:

network interface> modify -vserver SVMData -lif SVMData_nfs_lif1 -netmask
Error: command failed on vserver "SVMData" lif "SVMData_nfs_lif1": Cannot update LIF associations
for LIF "SVMData_nfs_lif1". The netmask of the LIF ("") does not match the
netmask of the subnet ("").

If I try to change the netmask on the subnet, I get an error about the LIFs:

network subnet> modify -subnet-name COMPANY -subnet

Error: command failed: The subnet has one or more LIFs associated with it. Changing the netmask of existing LIFs through the subnet commands is not supported.

Must I delete all the LIFs, change the subnet and recreate the LIFs?




This might help:   




You can set the value true for the -force-update-lif-associations option when modifying the range of IP addresses.


I've not actually ran that flag though.  I would test it out before doing it in prod if you can.