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How to Automatically Enable Thin Provisioning and Compaction on Replication Target Volumes


Context: we have a two node production AFF system. We replicate much of our content to a two node DR FAS system offsite. Every source volume has thin provisioning applied, however when the volume gets replicated I have to manually turn on thin provisioning on the target volume. The setting isn't retained automatically. Is there a way to automate this so I don't have to manually change it each time?


Similarly, I want every volume compacted on the target, but I have to manually do it each time - identify which aggregate the target volume is one, then run the wafl compaction enable command on the volume. Would like this to happen automatically as well. Any suggestions?



Thank you @jcolonfzenpr ! The KB in particular is interesting as it seems to address my compaction question. However, it says that if the source is no data compaction and destination is data compaction enabled, then data compaction savings is enabled on the destination only. That is exactly my situation, BUT I have to MANUALLY enable compaction on each destination volume after initial seeding completes. I thought the aggregate could be configured to automatically compact new volumes in an aggregate but it doesn't appear to work.


Also still interested in the thin provisioning question.


| [-space-guarantee | -s {none|volume}] - Space Guarantee StyleThis optionally specifies the space guarantee style for the volume. A value of volume reserves space on the aggregates for the entire volume. A value of none reserves no space on the aggregates, meaning that writes can fail if an aggregate runs out of space. Because CIFS does not handle out-of-space conditions, do not use the value none if the volume is accessible to CIFS clients. The default setting for the volumes on All Flash FAS systems is none, otherwise the default setting is volume. 


Thank you @Mjizzini, I am familiar with the defaults ... I'm trying to find out if the default on the FAS target system can be changed so each new volume is created thin provisioned.