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How to check for snapmirror version-flexible mirrors in ONTAP?


I am trying to check for this setting in ONTAP from the CLI and/or SysMgr.


Does anyone know how to see this in the system?



Hi, with DOT 8.2 XDP was used for snapvault, since DOT 8.3 snamirror relationship type XDP (extended data protection) is the one that do not depend of ONTAP version with DOT 8.3 and beyond.


take a look at this documentation



in addition if you have stablished a snapmirror relationship you can run the following command and have all the information of your snapmirror pair.


cluster::> snapmirror show -destination-path vserver_name:volume_name -instance


hope that can help.


Miguel Valls




Thanks, for the feedback. 


I already knew how to get the snapmirror information, however there isnt a mention of version-flexible mirrors in the CLI or GUI.


The only information I found was by reading the documentation. 


I just thought there would be some indication of version indedendence in either CLI or GUI.





Actually there is. In System Manager, look at the Relationships tab. The Relationship Type column indicates whether it's a Version Flexible SnapMirror job.

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