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Is it safe to use multiple LIF ips to access CIFS share



I am using NetApp 8.2 Cluster Mode. I have configured 5 LIFs.

One of the LIF will be entered into the DNS server by NetApp.

I want to distribute the department-wise network traffic load on all LIFs. For this purpose I have created following entries in my DNS server

HRHRDeptLIF1 IP Address
AccountAccDeptLIF2 IP Address
AdminAdminDeptLIF3 IP Address

Every department will use its own DNSName to access the CIFS shares. It is working fine.

My question is , Is this configuration is safe to use. Does NetApp recommends such load balancing techniques ?

Will it interfere in the NetApp's internal failover logic ?

Thank you.


Re: Is it safe to use multiple LIF ips to access CIFS share


Are you still needing help in this? I've recently set up something similar as a test with a client and it works perfectly fine. The only thing to really keep in mind is direct I/O and contention over the cluster interconnect. It won't affect any failover methodology as long as your LIF failover groups are configured properly.

For example, if HR hits a share on LIF1 and the data is on an aggregate hosted by the other Node (that the LIF is not "homed" to), then the data will traverse the cluster interconnect. Might not be a big deal, but something to consider.

Have you looked at NetApp's documentation for DNS Load Balancing on the cluster itself?

Source: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1013801

Hope this helps.

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