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MetroCluster Tiebreaker script problem



I have occasionally problem with TieBreaker script.


We noticed this error:

2015-05-26 23:44:55,574 [MCXXXX-monitor] DEBUG com.netapp.rre.bautils.ZapiExecutor - Executing ZAPI: com.netapp.ontap.api.aggr.AggrListInfoRequest

2015-05-26 23:45:05,590 [MCXXXX-monitor] ERROR com.netapp.rre.anegada.Filer - netappXXX: ApiException on com.netapp.ontap.api.aggr.AggrListInfoRequest: XML processing error during ZAPI call aggr-list-info to xxx.xxx.xxx.45: Premature end of stream


We got message also from DFM at that time:

Error event on netappDRC (MetroCluster-TieBreaker:Communications-Event:Error invoking ONTAP API on controller)


At the next check (aggr list request) there were no further problems. But like i said it happens occasionally.


Does anybody has any idea why is this happening or how to prevent this? 


With regards,


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