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Moving a volume from a 32bit aggregate to a 64bit aggregate




We are currently running Ontap version 8.1.4P8 in our 7Mode filer - in the filer we have 1 32bit aggregate which is pretty much 100% full and a 64bit aggregate with plenty of space.


I am planning to move one of the volumes from the 32bit aggregate over to 64 bit aggregate using the following method:


  1. Create a volume on the 64bit aggr the same size as the source volume on the 32bit aggr.
  2. Create a snapmirror relationship with 32bit volume as the source and the 64bit volume as the destination.
  3. Start the snapmirror relationship so the data can be copied from source to destination.
  4. Terminate CIFS on the vfiler (outage arranged and users infomed).
  5. Run a final update so both source and destination are in sync.
  6. Break the snapmirror relationship so the destination volume is accessible.
  7. Take a copy of the /etc/cifsconfig_share.cfg from the root volume of the vfiler.
  8. Rename source volumes to _ORIG
  9. Rename destination volumes to what the original volumes were called
  10. Take a copy of the /etc/cifsconfig_share.cfg and rename the file to /etc/cifsconfig_share_POST_VOLUME_change.cfg
  11. Copy the version of /etc/cifsconfig_share.cfg taken in step 7 and make it the current version.
  12. Restart CIFS.
  13. Test share access.


The volume has many cifs shares configured at the filer end so copying the /etc/cifsconfig_share.cfg back seems the easiest way of doing it.  


Please let me know if the above looks ok - I have tested in on a test volume and I was able to browse the cifs shares post the change.  


The volume only holds CIFS shares - no NFS present.



Good moning,


Has anyone used a similar method to the one outlined below?  I am intersted to hear views on people that have carried out a similar type of work.




If anyone is intersted the process outlines above worked and I was able to move the data between the aggregates without any problems