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Needs Help for CIFS open files in PowerShell


Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to create a script file to get a list of CIFS open file through the PowerShell tool and the main reason of creating this script is our helpdesk team wants to see who left a file open and ask him to close it. We don't wanna use the MMC feature since it provides some unwanted access for helpdesk team. 

I am using the following context and it's working but it generates an output of all SVMs and I wanna be more specific . So, I like to provide an ability for helpdesk team to input a desire SVM name or  Windows User or path. this file will be exported to a csv file to facilitate searching purpose.

Connect-NcController "Controller Name"
Get-NcCifsSessionFile | %{
$session = Get-NcCifsSession -SessionId $_.SessionId

$data = "" | Select "WindowsUser", "SVM", "Path"
$data.WindowsUser = $session.WindowsUser
$data.SVM = $_.Vserver
#$data.SVM =
$data.Path = "\\$($session.LifAddress)\$($_.Share)\$($_.Path)"

}  | Export-Csv -Path "c:\cifs.csv"  -UseCulture -NoTypeInformation




For filtering by a specific SVM, you could use Read-Host to accept input from the person running the script, store it as a variable, and then use the variable in the -Vserver parameter of the Get-NcCifsSessionFile cmdlet. 

For user/path, there isn't a cmdlet parameter that will accept those values, but you could collect the data using Get-NcCifsSession like you have in your code now, and then filter by user/path by piping Get-NcCifsSession to Where-Object to only show relevant data. 


Hi Donny_Lang,


Unfortunately, we're only getting back a shorted output of the open files using Get-NcCifsSession - over the last run there were just about 4 thousand out of a total of 57 thousand.

Do you have (or anyone has) any idea what could be the reason for this and how we might get the problem solved?


Thanks and regards

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