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New TR Released: TR-4690 - Oracle Databases on ONTAP Select


This technical document describes best practices for running Oracle databases with ONTAP Cloud in hyperscaler environments.

NetApp® ONTAP® is powerful data management software withnative capabilities that include integrated data protection and recovery,efficient cloning, and replication. ONTAP Select is a software-defined storageoptions that extend the functionality of ONTAP beyond physical AFF and FAShardware. Specifically, ONTAP Select runs in a traditional on-premises virtualizationinfrastructure. ONTAP Select delivers the ONTAP feature set across more server platformsto address the requirements of private cloud users. ONTAP Select can run on existing virtualizedinfrastructure, allowing internally or externally facing service providers toprovide each tenant with their own data management environment. New tenants canbe quickly deployed by adding additional ONTAP Select instances.

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Given that I'm the lead instructor teaching our new Integrating Hybrid Cloud with the Data Fabric course, this is more great stuff to reference !

See also: https://www.fastlaneus.com/course/netapp-inthcdf


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