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ONTAP Discussions

Node Root Volume Rename


Hey everyone.  First post to the community boards.  IHAC that changes the root volume names to align with their internal nomenclature for their systems.  In testing out ONTAP 9, it looks like this capability is not there.  Here's the errors I get:


svl2-affselab01::volume> rename -vserver svl2-affselab01h01a -volume svl2_affselab01h01a_root -newname vol0 -foreground true

Error: command failed: Internal Error. Failed to determine the SnapLock type of the volume "svl2_affselab01h01a_root" in Vserver "svl2-affselab01h01a". Reason: entry doesn't exist.


If I try using the cluster name as the vserver, here's what I get:


svl2-affselab01::volume> rename -vserver svl2-affselab01 -volume svl2_affselab01h01a_root -newname vol0

Error: command failed: This operation is not supported for the system volume "svl2_affselab01h01a_root".


I would appreciate any help with this.  Thanks!



It looks like this has been resolved in 9.0 GA.

View solution in original post





I guess you tried with Node name first and Cluster name as vserver . Normally, Node name should do the job. 


volume  rename -vserver node_name -volume a_vol0_1  -newname vol0_01


Can you paste "vol show" if possible ?


What is the Ontap version ?


It looks like this has been resolved in 9.0 GA.

View solution in original post

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