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Non-Disruptive Upgrade to version 9.1 or 9.2 generates events and "temporary" PSU critical alert




I have many Netapp clusters using software version 8.3.2 at the moment and proceed to NDUs to reach version 9.2P1. I did a 2-step upgrade as I had to upgrade to version 9.1XX prior to reaching 9.2XX.

The hardware is FAS2552.


The NDUs themselves ran fine but what surprised me was to see that they generated :


- temporary critical PSU-related alerts (Power supply) that disappeared after 20 minutes --> it happend for the 2 clusters I upgraded
- many emergency events such as "link has gone down unexpectedly", or "all links down", or "controller failover is not possible, version mismatch", or finally "Out of cluster quorum"


It appears to me that these are normal behaviour (except the "links has gone unexpectedly") and standard monitoring events, but I am wondering if this will appear for all upgrades ? What is your experience ?


I precize that I do not have further issues, but just want to ensure that this is totally fine.


Thank you in advance.




Re: Non-Disruptive Upgrade to version 9.1 or 9.2 generates events and "temporary" PSU crit


Hi ,


This is normal behavure as the systems one by one will reboot so sensors will be unreachable for the system so they will generate errors

What makes the upgrade non disruptive is that it brings offline only one system every time and that the other system takes over all the duties of the system that goes offline.



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