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Not able to find command vserver in ontap 8.1.4


Hi Team,


Not able to find command vserver in ontap 8.1.4. Vserver is not supported in version ontap 8.1.4 7 mode?




Re: Not able to find command vserver in ontap 8.1.4



Sagar -


7 mode does not have vsevers.


You can create vfilers if you have the multistore license ...


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Re: Not able to find command vserver in ontap 8.1.4


Hi @SagarDH


Vserver is the property of cluster data ontap. You can use vfiler in 7 mode.


Creating a vFiler unit

You can create a vFiler unit when you want to partition the storage and network resources of a single storage system. You can create a vFiler unit by either using the vfiler create command from the command-line interface or System Manager.

You must have created an IPspace for a vFiler unit. Also you can use default ipspace.

When you create and associate a vFiler unit with the IPspace that is used by a stopped vFiler unit belonging to the same subnet, the default or static routes are migrated from the stopped vFiler unit to the newly created vFiler unit.

  1. From the CLI, enter the following command:
    vfiler create vfiler_name [-s ipspace] -i ip_address [ -i ip_address ] ... path [ path ] ...

    vfiler_name is the name of the vFiler unit.

    ipspace is the IPspace the vFiler unit must belong to.

    ip_address is an IP address of the vFiler unit.

    path is the complete path name to an existing volume or qtree.

    The first path name is the storage unit that contains the /etc directory. The /etc directory contains the configuration information about the vFiler unit.


    The following command creates a vFiler unit with two IP addresses, one volume, and one qtree:

    vfiler create vfiler1 -i -i /vol/root_vfiler1
    You need to create a volume and use that volume as root volume for vfiler.
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