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ONTAP cluster create in progress: [Node add Job failed: Unable to discover 3 nodes.]



I'm trying to create an ONTAP Select cluster and it fails at this step, post which the VMs are deleted and cluster deleted. Any idea how can I resolve this or troubleshoot it? The VMs are there for sometime before they get deleted, but I'm not able to login, since I don't know what is the username and password for it. Is there any default it creates or uses the cluster username and password provided during creation, which I tried and it still doesn't work. The only way I can resolve it is by rebooting the VM and boot it in recovery mode to change the password



    • 2017.04.09 19:06:36
    • ONTAP cluster create in progress: [Node add Job failed: Unable to discover 3 nodes.].
    • 2017.04.09 19:05:35
    • ONTAP cluster create in progress: [Trying to create cluster again as previous attempt failed.].
    • 2017.04.09 19:04:55
    • ONTAP cluster create in progress: [Adding nodes].
    • 2017.04.09 19:04:05
    • All nodes in cluster are pingable.
    • 2017.04.09 19:04:05
    • Ping succeeded on following IPs: [,,]
    • 2017.04.09 19:01:33
    • Checking if all nodes in cluster are pingable.
    • 2017.04.09 19:01:33
    • All nodes in cluster (ots-mel-cluster) are successfully powered on.
    • 2017.04.09 19:00:23
    • All nodes in cluster (ots-mel-cluster) are being powered on.




Perhaps your 10Gb internal network isn't working between the 4 ESXi hosts.


To verify the internal network is working - use the "network connectivity-check CLI commands from the Deploy VM or make a vmkernal port on each host (on the vSwitch you have the 10Gb network for internal comm) and try vmkping between the hosts over that vmkernal network.


Latest version is 9.1.23 just in case you're using an old one 😉



Thanks for the feedback. Basically, it was the VLAN tagging issue which prevented it. I removed VLAN tagging and it worked. I used the ONTAP Deploy 2.3 version which had the 9.1 P1 ONTAP version.

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