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Does anyone when turning replication.thrttole.enable to off does this take affect for snapmirror transfers currently in progress or do I need to kick it off the snap mirror again? The snapmirror throttle itself is set to unlimited but the replication.thrttole.enable was turned on with a 25mb throttle applied. When turning this off the snapmirror is still progesing at about this rate.






Re: Options replication question




Dynamic Throttle:

Starting in Data ONTAP 7.1, an active SnapMirror relationship can be throttled to decrease the amount of bandwidth it uses. This dynamic relationship does not need to be stopped for the new throttle value to take effect.
The syntax and example follow:
snapmirror throttle <n> <system>:<destination path>
<n> is the new throttle value in kilobytes per second.


fas1> snapmirror throttle 2000 fas2:/vol/vol1/home
The new value is used only for the current transfer. The next scheduled transfer will use the throttle value specified in the /etc/snapmirror.conf file. This command can be used only when the transfer is active.
If the throttle value for the next scheduled transfer needs to be changed, then the value in the SnapMirror configuration file should be modified. The command can be run from either the source or the destination.
There is another way to change the throttle value for an active transfer: by changing the value in the /etc/snapmirror.conf file. This change takes effect in 2 minutes. The snapmirror throttle command does not change the throttle value specified in /etc/snapmirror.conf.



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