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Qtree and Volume Migration


Hi All,


What is the best pratices to migrate a qtree or volume from controller 1 to controller 2 (Data Ontap 8.1.x, 7-mode)


I'm planning to use the SnapMirror, but what is the difference between migration using snapmirror and svol copy and ndmp copy?

Does SnapMirror require a SnapRestore license?


Does all the information (quota limit, security, and sharing) is transfered during the copy? or some information need to be manually configured?


If I use the SnapMirror, the destination will be read only volume/qtree, then what is the steps required to promoted in to the production qtree and volume?






Re: Qtree and Volume Migration


It sounds like you need to understand the basics a little.  Please read the TR guide for snapmirro as well as the data-protection guide for the platform you are on to get a better understanding of how things work.


Unless QSM is required, we steer away from it and do volume based replication (VSM) with snapmirror.  You do not need snap restore, you just need to understand the concepts of snapmirror .


And if you are using vfilers, you should  focus on using vfiler-dr

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