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Recommended way to change cluster date


Dear Experts! 


We using Data Ontap and snapmirror. 


We have two sites. 

Site1: Data Ontap 8.2.3  , Current date: 21:00oclock CET: 23oclock 

Site2: Data Ontap 9.1P2, Current date: 21:00oclock GMT:  21 oclock


However, the date is different on both site.

Snapmirror is running between two sites for long time.


What do you suggest what is the recommended way to change the date on Site2?






My plan: 

1. snapmirror quiescence

2. changet he time zone on Site2

3. snapmirror resume




Hi Pal,


The impact of the time zone change is that any scheduled jobs (using your example) for the 2 hours between 21:00 and 23:00 will not run. Scheduled jobs use the current time and are not associated with the UTC time, therefore (assuming site2 is the destination) you'll need to ensure your schedules are still valid after the change since they will in effect now be 2 hours ahead, e.g. is that daily update scheduled for 23:00 but now happening at 01:00 still OK? This will also affect any other scheduled jobs you have e.g. post process dedupe etc.





I'm not sure it is necessary to quiesce the SnapMirrors, however it will reflect correct timings in logs etc if nothing is happening during the time zone change.


Hope this helps,




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