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Seems silly, but I cannot find this defined in my resources...


We have 4 pairs of FAS filers all running Data ONTAP 8.1.3 in 7-mode.  One pair, our newest unit, has these "redirect" messages:


Mon Sep 29 11:34:31 CDT [MWOFILER08:wafl.scan.start:info]: Starting redirect on volume vol0.  
Mon Sep 29 11:47:13 CDT [MWOFILER08:wafl.scan.br.redir.done:info]: Redirect scan on volume vol0 is complete.  


I see this for all volumes on this filer pair (FAS 3220).


What is a redirect?  Thank you...




This message occurs when a redirect scan is complete on a volume or aggregate. The redirect scan improves performance following block reallocation by updating metadata that was changed during reallocation. It runs automatically when aggregate reallocation is scheduled using the 'reallocate -A' command.

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