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SVM Disaster Recovery volume guarantee


Is there a way to have volume guarantee on the source volumes of an SVM and then have the same volumes thin provisioned?


Basically wanting to have SVM DR w/ ident preserve yet keep the volumes on the DR site thin. Not seeing a way to do this. The SVM DR including volumes keeps the space guarantee the same. Excluding the volumes and mirroring them separately from the mirrored SVM is cool and all, but you can't move those volumes into the SVM since it's type dp-destination.


Am I missing something with this? Running Ontap 9.1 BTW source and destination.


Re: SVM Disaster Recovery volume guarantee



Re: SVM Disaster Recovery volume guarantee




We currently have all of our volumes in a snapmirror relationship where source is volume guarantee and destination is guarantee none.


Is there then a way to perform an SVM DR where all volumes are excluded and then move the existing VSM volumes into it?


I'm looking for a way to have all of the functions of identity preserve from an SVM DR and not have to resync all of the volumes from scratch.

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