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Seeding Destination in Clustermode if no tape available (ie not SMTAPE)


Just wondering if anyone has any utilities, suggestions, workarounds, or knowledge of anything on the roadmap (e.g. LREP equiivalent for Clustermode volumes) as SMTAPE seems to the only official way of doing this, and disk pull/ship the only unofficial alternative....


Many thanks!



Like in 7-Mode there is undocumented possibility to dump to a file which can then be transferred to remote location. Like in 7-Mode it is recommended to contact support if you are going to use any undocumented features ... 🙂


And, BTW, in C-Mode disk pull is not an alternative - there is no known way to incorporate foreign disks without losing content. So what you can really do is to borrow small filer (FAS22xx) and snapmirror onto it, transfer to remote location, snapmirror from it. I have done it more than once in 7-Mode in the past.

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