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SnapMiror Event: storage system volume is no longer a snapmirror destination


Hi Team,


As the topic states i am having some issues with my snapmirror jobs.


Without any define explanation other than "storage system volume is no longer a snapmirror destination" my jobs are failing. What is even peculiar is that its not happening every night. it seems like every other night or so it fails.


Here is a look at my report





#1 : Backup Group: Server - [THGNPDBV001]: Failed with error 0xc0040252


**** FULL DATABASE BACKUP RESULT SUMMARY #1 **** Backup Time: 06-26-2014_21.03.16 Backup Group [#1]:





**** FULL DATABASE BACKUP RESULT SUMMARY **** Backup Time: 06-26-2014_21.03.16 Backup Group [#1]:

#1 : [THGNPDBV001\A - master] : OK

#2 : [THGNPDBV001\A - model] : OK

#3 : [THGNPDBV001\A - msdb] : OK





Backup Group: Failed with error 0xc0040252


What i can confirm is that the snap shots are successful but when it comes to updating my mirrors to my other site....the update fails.


I have check the SnapMirror status and all is OK. My volumes are mirrored!!!


Can anyone assist me?







Snapmirror works that way, by creading additonal snaps and replicating earlier ones (differential). You will always see both snaps (it is ok).

In the event of DR you need to connect the consistent snaps. You have two basic ways:

a) connect to that LUN in consistent snapshot by using FlexClones (and typically what Snapdrive for UNIX sometimes does)

b) by breaking the snapmirror relationship and doing a "snap revert" to that consistent snapshot.


Test it somewhere before doing on production, espeically if you really want to use option "b", which is intrusive. You might need to develop way of resync the snapmirror.


I have just come accross this same issue but with SME. I can update the SnapMirror relationship manually with no issue but doing it in SnapDrive results in the error "The storage system volume is no longer a SnapMirror destination". Did anyone ever find a resolution to this issue?


Any further info on this snapmirror issue?


IHAC that is experiencing the same issue at their siter.


Any additional details would be excellent.







Can you provide some more information.

run snapsmirror destination on the source filer.  Do you see the relationship in question?

SRC ONTAP version

DST ONTAP version

Is SnapMirror controlled by the filer or by SnapManager if so what SnapManager and version?

This almost sounds like someone did a snapmirror break and then did not do a snapmirror resync afterwards to to resync the relationship however you are indicating that it works some days and not on others which is odd.  It also could be possible that somone changed the relationship and has it pointed to maybe a FlexClone volume that is then being recreated through a script.on the destination side.

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