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Snapmirror on aggregates


By accident I created a snapmirror on aggregate names instead of volumes. Now I'm stuck with a uninitialized snapmirror relation that I cannot remove from the system. All snapmirror commands complain that the argument given is not a volume.


I'm running Data Ontap Simulator 8.1.3.


netapp01*> snapmirror status
Snapmirror is on.
Source                Destination           State          Lag        Status
netapp01:sm_src       netapp01:sm_dst       Uninitialized  -          Idle


netapp01*> aggr status sm_src
           Aggr State           Status            Options
         sm_src online          raid_dp, aggr

                Volumes: v_sm_src

                Plex /sm_src/plex0: online, normal, active
                    RAID group /sm_src/plex0/rg0: normal, block checksums

netapp01*> aggr status sm_dst
           Aggr State           Status            Options
         sm_dst online          raid_dp, aggr

                Volumes: v_sm_dst

                Plex /sm_dst/plex0: online, normal, active
                    RAID group /sm_dst/plex0/rg0: normal, block checksums


netapp01*> rdfile /etc/snapmirror.conf
/etc/snapmirror.conf: No such file or directory


Does anyone know how I can remove this relationship from the system? Releasing and breaking does not work, neither does a reboot of the simulator.





I had this kind of problem in the past. NetApp OnCommand System manager does job well.

Did not try on aggregate level, but on volume level it works perfectly.


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