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Snapmirror reinilization went into idle state. Giving error




We have very large volume which needs to be reinilization due to some issue. We have created a new scratch volume at destination and started reinilization. All went well since then but somehow after completing transfer of around 3tb of data replationship status went inot idle state and giveing error:


Transfer failed. (Replication operation request failed from Cluster Id: xxxx, Node Id: yyyy to Cluster Id: zzzz, Node Id: aaaaa due to a network error (CSM: An operation did not complete within the specified timeout window.))



My question here is : if I initilize the session again weather it starts from the state it went into idle state or from the scratch again.


Any solution please.



The error messages says its "network error" between source and destination cluster. 

this could very much happen if you are replicating over WAN.


If there is a checkpoint created, snapmirror might start from that level. otherwise you have to start all over again.


Few things you can check before you start again.. (just to be sure...)


1, Snapmirror LIF status on Source and Destination.

2, Look for any packet loss in that network.

3, Cluster peer status,

4, Vserver peer status.

5, Destination volume size (should be same or larger than source)


6, Ontap version on source and destination cluster. (destination should be same or newer than source)







I checked everything and it got started from previous checkpoint.