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Snapvault Transfer Failed




Suddenly or at least without my knowledge of any change a dialy snapvault update stopped working. Even when forcing an update or a resync it still fails. 
Following are the properties of the snapvault at the destination. I'm running ONTAP 9.1. Has anyone went through this issue?

Relationship Type: XDP
Relationship Group Type: none
SnapMirror Schedule: -
SnapMirror Policy Type: vault
SnapMirror Policy: XDPDefault
Tries Limit: -
Throttle (KB/sec): unlimited
Mirror State: Snapmirrored
Relationship Status: Idle
File Restore File Count: -
File Restore File List: -
Transfer Snapshot: -
Snapshot Progress: -
Total Progress: -
Network Compression Ratio: -
Snapshot Checkpoint: 49.23KB
Newest Snapshot: sc-daily_20171121190000
Newest Snapshot Timestamp: 11/21 19:00:02
Exported Snapshot: sc-daily_20171121190000
Exported Snapshot Timestamp: 11/21 19:00:02
Healthy: false
Unhealthy Reason: Transfer failed.
Constituent Relationship: false
Destination Volume Node: ta-san-02
Relationship ID: b34fba40-5ac5-11e4-9c4d-123478563412
Current Operation ID: -
Transfer Type: -
Transfer Error: -
Current Throttle: -
Current Transfer Priority: -
Last Transfer Type: resync
Last Transfer Error: Transfer failed. (Volume access error (Permission denied))


Many thanks in advance for the help!



This is not the answer, but it helps during troubleshooting. Try to set up a single snapvault relationship where source and target SVM's are the same as the one that now gives the message "Permission denied". It could just be that a certificate has expired or a password has to be changed because a security policy is active etc...




Thanks for your reply. The thing is we have several other snapvault relationshisp running ok and between the same SVMs. 😞


Do you use OCUM as a management tool? If yes, can you do a restore from the snapvault volume?




Meanwhile with no known reason a simple snapmirror update worked ok.

I don't have the root cause but it is working 😕


Thanks for the help!

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