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Snapvault secondary and ndmp to tape..


Just talking about the snapvault secondary.. We are running 10, now down to 6 streams to tape.. something very interesting is happening.. the transfer on a 10g network goes to 1Mbs.. Without NDMP tape-out we see upwards of 300Mbs..  


The filer doesn't look like it's crippled.. CPU avg across all is around 50-65% and statit output around disks is about 70%.  I can't figure out why the network is dropping


NDMP tapeout is via a Tape are network with direct attached fiber.  


Running 8.2.1


Any ideas would be great


Re: Snapvault secondary and ndmp to tape..



what is the  storage controller model?
You can also check if the flow control is enabled on network side?



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Re: Snapvault secondary and ndmp to tape..


3250 -   We know we have mismatch flow control settings, but there's a caveat here..   As of right now i'm not seeing any XON or XOFF in transmit or receive on the interface.. Also, when NDMP isn't running we see amazing speeds, upwards of 300MB/s

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