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Unrouted CIFS Share


Running cDOT 9.1 and have a Windows 2016 server accessing a NTFS vol over SMB3, both joined to a domain.  Can I create and safely utilize a 2nd CIFS LIF (unrouted and MTU9000) on the SVM hosting the NTFS vol?


Once or twice a year a domain change will occur that briefly (<5 seconds) disrupts our internal DNS resolution, when this occurs our Windows 2016 app accessing its data over the SMB3 path throws a bunch of errors.


Also we have had one or two occasions in a year where a brief network disruption (<5 sec) on the core breaks routing.  Same issue with errors occuring.


What I'd like to do is join an SVM to a domain, then create a 2nd CIFS LIF (MTU9000) that is not routed and therefore not able to resolve the CIFS name of the SVM, and then access that 2nd CIFS LIF's IP directly from the application server.  This seems risky to me since the 1st CIFS LIF is the one that is acutally bound to the domain.