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Using FlexVol with Exchange 2010


Hi All, I'm starting using FlexVols to spin up test environments, and so far it's working well. I've come to do Exchange however and remembered that the snapshots aren't application aware and it looks like i need to do something with SnapManager for Exchange. What i can't figure is what needs to be done, i know if i use SRM and select to NOT update the snapmirrors it works, but if i DO update snapmirrors before recovery it doesn't, so clearly something in the native snapmirror works with Exchange to keep databases consistent etc.


So, if i want to clone my volumes to bring up exchange in an isolated environment, and have Exchange databases mount etc while using flexclones to minimise storage increase, what do i need to do? We're using RDM mapped iSCSI volumes for the database and log drives, with standard NFS volumes for the OS. Sat on OnTap 8.2.1 7-mode


Many Thanks!



As i think about this, if i'm using SME to take nightly backups that are verified, that are postfixed with "_recent", can I use this to create my flexclone? Only issue that springs to mind is that by creating the Flexclone, i'm locking the snapshot, so potentially the next backup that runs may not be able to rename the snapshot from "_recent" to "_date", would that be the case, or does the flexclone associate to a GUID type identifier, so a rename would be possible?


Does that make sense?