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failover-group and broadcast-domain Default settings are not the same


>network interface failover-groups show
Vserver Group Targets
---------------- ---------------- --------------------------------------------
COLO-cluster-06:a0a, COLO-cluster-06:e0M,
COLO-cluster-06:e0e, COLO-cluster-06:e0f,
COLO-cluster-06:e0g, COLO-cluster-06:e0h,
COLO-cluster-06:e0i, COLO-cluster-06:e0j,
COLO-cluster-06:e0k, COLO-cluster-06:e0l,
COLO-cluster-01:a0a, COLO-cluster-01:e0M,
COLO-cluster-01:e0b, COLO-cluster-01:e0e,
COLO-cluster-01:e0f, COLO-cluster-01:e0i,
COLO-cluster-01:e0j, COLO-cluster-01:e0k,
COLO-cluster-01:e0l, COLO-cluster-02:a0a,
COLO-cluster-02:e0M, COLO-cluster-02:e0e,
COLO-cluster-02:e0f, COLO-cluster-02:e0i,
COLO-cluster-02:e0j, COLO-cluster-02:e0k,
COLO-cluster-02:e0l, COLO-cluster-05:a0a,
COLO-cluster-05:e0M, COLO-cluster-05:e0i,
COLO-cluster-05:e0j, COLO-cluster-05:e0k,



>network port broadcast-domain show
IPspace Broadcast Update
Name Domain Name MTU Port List Status Details
------- ----------- ------ ----------------------------- --------------
Default Data 1500 - -


>network port broadcast-domain add-ports -broadcast-domain Default -ports COLO-cluster-01:e0j


Error: command failed: Creating broadcast domain "Default" will result in the
creation of failover group "Default" in Vserver "COLO-cluster", but a
failover group with that name already exists. Try the command again with
a different name.

How to solve this?



Your can name your broadcast-domain anything you like to, there is no need to have a "Default" broadcast-domain.

By Default ( in a normal Installation) there will be two broadcast-domain "Cluster and Default". (i recommend renaming it.. to more appropriate name)


to fix your situation, you might have to choose a different name then Default (Choose your vlan name)

and add all those same VLAN ports from all nodes to that broadcast-domain.


Unless you have very-specific failover policy, broadcase-domain will automatically manage your failover-group.

once you fix your broadcast-domain you can get rid of your existing "Failover-group" 


Once you completed the cleanup, you have to check and verify each LIF's failover policy to make sure they have the appropriate failover-group

and those failover-groups include the correct ports.


Yes, it could be confusing.. but once you get the idea.. its really simple.


let me know, if you need further help.