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help on setting up /etc/rc

I need to setup /etc/rc file on two 10g ports, and they are LACP configured. However, it is not working, I have two obvious issues here:

First, the interface file12345678NAS-88 could not be created, only took the portion of it "file12345678NAS", and although the IP is assoicated, but the connection is not there, and I could not ping it.

Please take a look at it, and any idea what went wrong? Thanks!

rdfile /etc/rc

#Auto-generated by setup Thu Aug 15 11:05:50 EDT 2013

hostname filer1

ifgrp create lacp file12345678NAS -b ip e5b e1b

vlan create  file12345678NAS 88

ifconfig file12345678NAS-88 netmask partner filer2-88 mtusize 1500

ifconfig e0M `hostname`-e0M flowcontrol full netmask partner e0M mtusize 1500

ifconfig e0a `hostname`-e0a mediatype auto flowcontrol full mtusize 1500

route add default 1

routed on

options dns.domainname citnet.cit.com

options dns.enable on

options nis.enable off



Re: help on setting up /etc/rc

Historically interface name size was limited to 15 (or was it 16?) characters on Unix. You most likely hit this limit.

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Re: help on setting up /etc/rc

Hello All -

Let me know if this is off-topic...

What can I reference to understand what the /Etc/RC file should look like and how to maintain it?



Check out the KB!
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