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snapshot policy question


Are these the commands I would run to create a snapshot policy on the volume “xxxx01_vol1” to take snapshots every 8 hours and keep them for 60 days?

What would happen with the snapshots created under the existing policy?


#volume snapshot policy create -vserver xxxx01 -policy snappolicy_8hrs -schedule1 8hrs -count1 240 -prefix1 every_8_hour

#volume modify -vserver xxxx01 -volume xxxx01_vol1 -snapshot-policy snappolicy_8hrs



Re: snapshot policy question


Hi @Bill


You need to create a cron job schedule before creating policy. Please fnd the below command to create a 8 hours cron job for snapshots.


 job schedule cron create -name 8hours -minute 0 -hour 0,8,16


Next please use the above schedule in snapshot policy


snapshot policy create -policy policy1 -enabled true -schedule1 8hour -count1 180



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