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understand why rate of change is high on snapmirror/vault


Hi All


Currently use Snapmirror from Source to destination filer and Snapvault from destination filer (snapmirror destination volume) to a new volume.


We use 7-Mode 8.2.3 P3 on both source and destination.


Currently we are experimenting with the snapmirror schedule. We used to have it set to every 12 hours but have reduced it way down to every 30 minutes for all of our snapmirror relationships. The main aim was to ensure the delta changes were small.


the Snapvault schedules run once a day but we finding the rate of change is too much and this then affects the future mirrors and constantly says "destination in use as source of SnapVault for NetBackup, dump, vol copy or SnapMirror".


I am trying to get the right balance and want to see if any of the reporting tools can help me identify why some of our flexvols have a high rate of change or understand what sort of throughput we are getting?


Is there anyway I can achieve this so I can form a amangement report for the IT leaders?


Many Thanks