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Migrating from old V3140 to FAS 2240



We are currently looking at obtaining a couple of FAS 2240 units to replace our old V3140's

We have our root volume (vol0) on aggr0 which is a 10+tb aggregate that also contains our data. This was how it was setup by the original consultant several years ago.

We have been told that we can swap out the head unit of the 3140 and install the 2240, assign the disks to the respective controllers, setup the i.p addresses, vlans info etc, move cables over etc and use the newer 2240's.

I have looked for a document that covers moving from a 31xx head unit to a 2240 head unit and have not found one.

Could someone tell me if this is a relatively easy process (outside of being disruptive I imagine) and if there is indeed a document(s) I should be reviewing that covers this scenario.

P.S the 2240 will come loaded with 1 TB drives that we were not planning on using right away so I was hoping we could just slide our DS4243 drawers over, re-assign the drives etc and be done with it.



Hi Richard

There doesn't seem to a specific document for that combination but http://support.netapp.com/documentation/docweb/index.html?productID=30391 and similar explains what's required.

I think you'll want to use the root vol on the new heads, for simplicity.


1. rename root volume on old controller

2. plug old shelves in to new controller

3. switch on

4. re-assign ownership of disks


I'm not sure you can migrate that easily from a V-Series (V3140) to a regular FAS... And since there is no V-Series license for the 2240 (i.e. no V2240) you will have to do a little bit more than just swap heads