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 9.11.1 GA

High-level Updates

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ONTAP 9.11.1 completes ONTAP REST API feature gaps and continues to expand the capabilities of modernizing and automating ONTAP storage infrastructure. It includes several new features, enhancing your ability to simplify the deployment and management of ONTAP system.


Some of the key 9.11.1 enhancements include:


  • Expands on REST API RBAC capability by allowing for role definitions based on access level of the API or command/command directory path
  • Security Enhancements – New Multi-admin approval verification API endpoints added.
  • Counter Manager support – API endpoints allows access to statistical information about various aspects of the ONTAP system. Equivalent to perf-object and related ZAPIs to assess the current performance of the system.
  • Ability to manage name-services cache API endpoints and CIFS shadow copy services.
  • SnapVault Policy support in REST API and APIs for managing IP subnet capability 
  • APIs to create and manage bulk snapshot copies. E.g., a Snapshot copy with the same name on multiple volumes in one request


Transitioning to ONTAP REST from ONTAPI (ZAPI): 

  • ONTAP 9.11.1 completes feature gaps and ONTAPI calls now have corresponding REST API equivalent. 
  • Mapping Documentation is also available to help identify equivalent REST endpoint for an existing ONTAPI call.
  • Programmatic way to identify the ONTAPI Usage in a cluster and to find equivalent REST APIs is published in GitHub site


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