Another Python Newb Question

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I try to create a python script which triggers a volume snapshot. I've downloaded the manageability-sdk 9.4 and tried some first steps with the included scripts in the /src/sample/Data_ONTAP/Python folder.


After adding


import ssl

ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context

the "" script works.


However, the "" script won't work when invoked with:

python -l "vserver" "admin" "password" "/vol/V_VM01_INT_0001"

snapshot-list-info failed:Authorization failed

No snapshots on volume /vol/V_VM01_INT_0001

I tried several variations on the call but the result is the same - user/pass works with "".



NetApp Release 9.1P11




python -l "system-manager" "admin" "password" "/vol/V_VM01_INT_0001"
snapshot-list-info failed:Vserver API missing vserver parameter.

No snapshots on volume /vol/V_VM01_INT_0001



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