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8.1.2 Clustermode script error


Hi guys, just setup two 8.1.2c-mode simulators up and running , both are able to detect each other  (i think so), but when I am trying to run the command to make them in to a cluster pair i am getting the following error

A screenshot will be perfect!

This is the script and the error

Not sure what I am missing here. Tks

Btw I am able to access this setup from oncommand just fine.


Re: 8.1.2 Clustermode script error


Hi Priya,

Welcome to communities....

Thanks for pasting the screenshots it helps me understand better.

I see the management lif of node "meridian-clus-01" as down (you can check why it is down and correct it)

The command cluster create is not required. I see the cluster already made.

Try running the command -- cluster show

This would show the cluster and the two nodes

Here is what has happened. (correct me if this is not the case)

a) when node1 - meridian-clus-01 was booted cluster create command was used to create the cluster

b) and when node2 was booted up cluster JOIN was issued to join the first node.

hence the cluster has two nodes.

You are trying to create the cluster again which is not right as the cluster has been made already

hope this helps


Re: 8.1.2 Clustermode script error


YES! Venkat you are right.

Re: 8.1.2 Clustermode script error


Venkat but the question is when I do this

storage failover show

I am not in a HA mode which I want to do.

Is active/active cluster applicable in the new version?

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Re: 8.1.2 Clustermode script error


Hi Priya.

From  Installation and Setup guide -->


Simulated ONTAP does not support the following features:

•    High Availability (CFO/SFO)


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