820(RC1) Simulate Install

Running through the install and when configuring the management port I can't get past default gateway.  I leave it blank as directed and I get " is not a valid gateway address", any suggestions?


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Hi Michael,

Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot depicting the problem.

>I leave it blank as directed

May i know what are you referring here?


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Here is the screen shot when using a blank default gateway per the install instructions ...

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Thanks for the screenshot Michael

This helps in understanding the problem.

From the installation and setup guide.


Have you performed the steps mentioned in - page 10 "Configuring network adapters on VMware Workstation"

You must configure network adapters on the VMware Workstation to support Simulate ONTAP on your laptop or desktop.

About this task

There are two virtual network configurations that you can use on your laptop or desktop:

•    Host-Only and Custom: All virtual interfaces used by Simulate ONTAP are set to host-only and


•    Bridged and Custom: Virtual network interface vmnet0 is set to bridged and all other interfaces

used by Simulate ONTAP are set to either host-only or custom.

If the virtual network interface vmnet0 is set as bridged, then you can use the physical Ethernet port

of your laptop to access all volumes created and mounted by using Data ONTAP. This works only if

the IP addresses and subnet are static in clustered Data ONTAP, or if 7-Mode operations support DHCP.


1.Click Start > All Programs > VMware > Virtual Network Editor

2.In the Virtual Network Editor window, select the virtual network interface as per your requirements. OK

After this - refer page 26 and complete the cluster setup

important thing to note on page 29 -- which shows -- no gateway needs to be provided.

Hope this helps


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I have the same issue with Fusion deployment - I put all network adapters to host only, and still see the issue