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nic usage in 8.2 simulator

I'm new to ONTAP simulator and see that there are 4 nics added to the VM - 2 on "VM Network" by default, and 2 on "Cluster Network", and I believe that Cluster Network is supposed to be not connected to any physical adapters, is this correct? Can anyone explain how those are used and suggested configuration.


The Installation and Setup Guide says in Creating a Cluster section 7 to return to Windows (?) to get VMware addresses. Can you explain what the steps would be on ESX?

Thanks in advance.


Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator


In a "real" Clustered ONTAP environment, the Cluster Network is a private network not accessible from client or servers.  For the simulator, I usually set these as "Host-Only".  This allows them only to talk to each other.

The other 2 interfaces are for data traffic.  I usually set these to NAT.  With NAT, I can get to them from my host machine for mounting CIFS shares, and presenting iSCSI LUN's.  Regardless of what network my host is connected to, my NAT network always keeps the same private LAN/IP range. I have attached a screenshot of what my config looks like...

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator

I just noticed you are setting this up on ESX(i).  There are separate instructions for setting up the sim in Workstation or ESX(i).

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator


But I guess that even for ESX it's supposed to be similar - 2 nics for traffic, should be accessible for clients, and 2 - for a private network for cluster communication.

If there is a separate doc for ESX setup, let me know.

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator

They are combined in to a single guide now:

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator


BTW, the files for download for ESX have DataONTAP-sim.vmdk in multi-extent format  (hosted) that didn't allow me to boot a VM.

I worked around it by converting that disk to ESX format, but something that would be convenient to have in the initial files list.

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator

Hmm.. You did notice that the actual SIM download packages are different for Workstation and ESX, right?

I have never had to convert any disks to get either version to work...

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator

Yes, I was using ESX-specific archive.

DataONTAP-sim.vmdk has a bunch of extents and no *-flat.vmdk file, right?


This is exactly the issue that I experienced.

What version of ESX do you have?

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator

One more question in regards to the setup of a second node - the instruction is saying - Go to "Edit Settings", select the Hardware->Serial Port and rename it - I don't see any serial ports added to a VM, should I just add and name them according to the instruction?

Is it OK not to have them in the first node?

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator

You don't need them on any of the nodes.  You can set it up to where you can actually putty via serial into the console of the Sim.  But it really isn't necessary.  You can just use the video console that the vSphere client provides.

Re: nic usage in 8.2 simulator


It would be nice to correct the instructions then

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