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8.2 7 mode HA mode query

Hi all,

         I had installed Data ONTAP 8.2 7 mode simulator in my VMware workstation, its working smoothly no issues. But I am not getting how install one more instance of same simulator and prepare a HA pair.

Answer will be really helpful for me.


Re: 8.2 7 mode HA mode query

vSIM HA is not supported.  NetApp has it working internally, but they've never published how to set it up. 

To get it working you would need:

-Persistent VNVRAM

-Shared access to the disks from both VMs

-An RDMA HA interconnect between the VMs

The first is easy, the second is complicated, and the third I have no idea how to do.

Re: 8.2 7 mode HA mode query

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