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8.3.1 simulator change serial number


How do you change the serial number on the 8.3.1 simulator? I have tried setting the SYS_SERIAL_NUM and bootarg.nvram.sysid to the desired s/n. After making the change I see the changes have been made with show or printenv HOWEVER I check the serial number after booting and it is still the same - no change. 


Re: 8.3.1 simulator change serial number


Looks like you got the step right, but had ONTAP ever booted before you made the change?  You must change the serial number before ONTAP ever boots.

Re: 8.3.1 simulator change serial number


If you changed it in the loader, and that change persisted, it should be reflected in the sysconfig output from within the simulator at the node shell, as well as the node show -instance output from the cluster shell.   if not, it likely did not persist the change at the loader.  This can happen if you don't boot to at least the boot menu after making the change.  The sim loader doesn't have a saveenv command, and a reboot from the vloader prompt will not make the changes persistent.



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