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Clustered vsim configuration under vSphere

I'm following the 8.2 Clustered VSim guide, and on page 31, it says to modify the second VSim's VM settings and change the Serial ports.  There are no serial ports on either the first node I added, and certainly not in the seconds VM's settings.  Do I need to add them to all VSim cluster nodes?

I'm also confused about the file paths, as the instructions seem to use the original VM sub-directory names, but then the instructions tell you to rename the VM.


Can anyone help clear this up for me?


Thanks in advance.



Re: Clustered vsim configuration under vSphere

I am able to follow this instruction to setup c-mode by using exactly the numbers provided at the page of 1-24.

I used esxi version of simulator



Re: Clustered vsim configuration under vSphere

Cool Glen,

Would you please also share the fun part of install your C-mode 'Baby' filer?

Good work MAN!


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