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Error when cloning 8.2RC1 &-Mode Simulator


I was able to create an operational 8.2RC1 &-Mode simulator however when I attempt to power up a clone of the working sim, I get the following error:

An error was received from the ESX host while powering on VM 7M821RC141.

Unable to find a slot for PCI bridge #0. Remove devices occupying the primary PCI bus from the virtual machine.

Any ideas ?




I've faced same issue;
I've removed setting: pciBridge0.present = "true"

from first line of VMX file and VM was able to power on.

Thank you removing pciBridge0.present = "true" worked for me.


I just changed the vmx setting to "false"


The NetApp supplied VMX file is 'quirky' at best. You can try uploading it again from the original archive, or search my recent posts for how to build a clean one from scratch.

Then remember you'll have some work to do to if you plan on running multiple instances with different sysids.

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