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How to change Keyboard Layout in Netapp 8 Simmulator (Unix BSD) to Germany/Swiss-German/Franch etc.?


Hello Everybody


After Installation of Netapp Sim 8.x (BSD VM Immage) there is now way the change the default US Keyboard

(At least we didn't find). (We tried in boot menu etc.)


Somebody can know how to change US to example German Keyboard Layout??





Juerg Schneebeli




what you have to do... for NetApp Clustered ONTAP 8.1

security login unlock -username diag

security login password -username diag

set -privilege diag

system node systemshell -node node-01

     diag + passwd  #login to BSD shell

sudo -u root vi /etc/rc.conf


sudo -u root reboot # reboots the node, be careful  !!

Thx Markus !

Best wishes



Hello there,

I have found a mildly complex solution - it's not perfect but eases  the work directly on the VMware Player console.

First you'll have to enable the diag user (priv set diag, useradmin diag unlock, useradmin diag Password). Then do (from within a PuTTY/SSH session!)


and login with the diag user and the password you set.

Now what we are doing is something that can be found in FreeBSD forums and Wikis, setting the keymap in /etc/rc.conf:

cd /etc

sudo -u root vi rc.conf

Now you need some vi knowledge there (can also be found on the net). Use the arrow key down to go below the keyrate line.
Press i and type the line:


Press escape, then type:


Exit out of the console and reboot the virtual controller and you should be good to go. Using ls /usr/share/syscons/keymaps you'll see available keymaps like german.iso, swissgerman.iso, swissgerman.iso.acc and others.

What will not work from console are the umlauts - I don't know why. I also tried to put the scrnmap="iso-8859-4_for_vga9" setting into rc.conf to no avail.

At least you won't have troubles with standard commands or setting passwords from now on.

Best part still is PuTTY which should have UTF-8 by default; in PuTTY all keys worked properly from the start. And due to arrow keys and stuff not working in vi from VMware console I had to do the modifications from within a PuTTY session as noted above.

Regards, HTH



Giving this a push up in the list...

Would really be helpful to have an easy way to change the layout.

As an information... Not every computer in the world has a US Keyboard, surprised?

Seriously, please provide something to change this in the console.



I totally agree with you, I couldn't find a way to change the US keyboard layout. There are indeed other computers in the world!


Have you find a way to change the keyboard layout in Netapp 8 Simmulator ?

Best regards

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