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How do you create flexvols in C-mode?

I've been trying to add flexvols to my simulator, but when I run the command vol create flexvol1 aggr1 1g -vserver sim-cluster-01 I get the message Error: This operation is not supported on 7-mode volume 'flexvol1'. Is there a different way you're supposed to do it on c-mode?


Actually, it looks more like an bug, because I can't even do any operations on my existing volumes (which are flex volumes) without getting that error message


Re: How do you create flexvols in C-mode?


the syntax in Clustered ONTAP is quite different from the one you used in 7-mode. you can just start typing

'vol create <tab> and you'll fill up the command line as required.

and example look like this:

vol create -vserver vsISCSI2 -volume lun_vsISCSI2_1_vol -aggregate aggr_iscsi_2 -size 150MB -state online -type RW -policy default -security-style ntfs

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