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Need help adding second node for VMware Player


I need help to setup second node and join to the first cluster1 that I setup.

The instuctions are not clear!

First when setting up first cluster1 the instuctions say change network adapter to Host-only of  Network Adapter and Network Adapter 2 then set  Network Adapter 3 to Bridge!

What about Network Adapter 4? is anything done with that?


Also do I duplicate the Network Adapter settings on the second vsim-cmN2 or leave alone?

I got the ports setup.

I need help when trying to join the other vism-cmN2 to cluster 1

All I get in no cluster found when trying to join.

Is there any clear instuctions around?






Network adapter and Network adapter 2 correspond to e0a and e0b, which will be used for the cluster network.  These should be "host-only" since they are internal to the cluster.


Network adapter 3 and Network adapter 4 correspond to e0c and e0d.  These could be bridged, depending on what (if any) network your computer is connected to.  I would use the "nat" network, and assign IP address from the nat VM network to node management and cluster management.  You can get these by looking at your IP settings for VMNET8 in ifconfig/ipconfig on the host.  If you use bridged, assign address from the network you are bridged to.


Both nodes should be identically configured from a network standpoint.