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ONTAP 9.0 Simulator - root volume issues - boot loop



I have a NetApp ONTAP 9 simulator running in an ESX enviroment at home in a home lab as a single node. Recently lost power. I noticed my iSCSI stores wern't mounting.
Went to investigate and I noticed that my NetApp was booting but had root volume recovery needed

I was able to log in, and check the volumes and aggros - none had space issues from snapshots. all the errors seemed to be pointing to nvram issues.

Tried clearing the unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery - still didn't work

Ran walfiron at the boot menu and now it appears to have orphaned every single disk and is even in a worse state - boot loops. Before I could atleast see my aggros as online and everything.

Am I screwed? I can only get to the maintenance mode boot



The nvram in the sim is non-persistent, so a poorly timed host crash can be a challenge to recover from.   What errors are you seeing now?  And were you sending your cluster backups to an ftp server?  It might not be recoverable at this point.  


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Hi Sean,


Thanks for replying and sorry for the late response - been on vacation. 


Unfortunately no backups - this was just a lab/training environment with a couple of VMs. I suppose it won't be too much of a pain to restore what was lost but I was hoping I could find some drastic measures to see if there's any way to get it restored to working order. 


When I do an aggr status I see aggr1_data state in partial, and aggr0_sys partial as well. I'm assuming this is whats causing the boot problems as no root volume is found.


Every disk has an error

"Orphaning disk because of a generation count mismatch" which I assume offlines the disk or takes it out of the aggr as working properly? Is there anyway to force the disks to be online?


Anything I can do?